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From January 2015, new regulations for waste collectors require a separate collection of paper, plastic, metals and glass for recycling. You can no longer put all of your commercial waste into the same bin.

The aim of this is to increase the quality and quantity of recycled material by reducing cross contamination contamination of the material to be recycled.

What waste collectors must do

Every collector (establishment collecting waste) must, when making arrangements for the collection of waste paper, metal, plastic, or glass, ensure that the arrangements are by way of a separate collection. This requirement to separately collect apples when it is necessary to ensure that waste undergoes recovery operations and it is technically, environmentally and economically practicable.

Collectors are expected to ensure that in all cases, customers can avoid putting paper, plastic, metal or glass in the same collection container as their general waste. In addition, they are expected to collect paper, plastic, metal and glass separately from each other.

Commercial and trade waste are also covered by the new regulations.

What waste producers and brokers must do

Regulation 12 applies to the producers of the waste and they have a responsibility to take al reasonable steps to apply the Waste Hierarchy in priority order. Producers, brokers and dealers are expected to work together to find the right collection system for them that maximises recycling and complies with the law.


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